In September 2014, I was employed by the Jonah Group and joined the team working for RouteOne, one of Jonah’s clients. RouteOne specializes in auto financing and does business with key players in the auto industry, such as Toyota and Chrysler.

Quick Stats

TECHNOLOGIES USED Mostly J2EE, with Oracle 11g databases. Struts and Hibernate were used server-side. Front-end frameworks such as Marionette and Backbone were occasionally used.
OTHER TOOLS USED Git for version control, JIRA for bug/issue tracking and project management, LESS for making CSS work less painful.

My work for RouteOne

Initially, I was assigned to work on RouteOne’s credit application system. This was mostly done on Java/JSP, with occasional database work. It involved mainly bugfixes and implementing small features.

In my second year there, RouteOne started to allocate more resources to some user-facing applications. They had a need for front-end work and I happily volunteered for it. So I ended up doing more and more things related to the UI:

  • Fixing visual oddities (mostly related to responsive UI or old browser versions)
  • Implementing designs from a style guide / design spec
  • In cases where there were no design specs, coming up with acceptable designs myself
  • Ensuring a smooth user experience with online applications (using CSS and JavaScript)