As a (mostly) self-taught guitarist, I never really learned a “proper” technique practice regimen. So I decided to make a guitar exercise book with code.

This all started as a wacky idea to put down everything I know about guitar into one document. The wacky idea paid off though, since I found myself getting better at the instrument by writing and using my own exercises! I’ve even found it to help with music composition, since I have a good reason to master and illustrate uses of my exercises.

On the tech side, this is all written with Lilypond. I’m familiar with Lilypond from some older experiments, so it was pretty natural for me to use that again. The initial syntax can be very rough for the unfamiliar, and if you want to do something similar to this, I heavily recommend using Frescobaldi for it.

To get a copy or more info, check out the project repository.